Walking Rock Tote
Walking Rock Tote

Walking Rock Tote

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An ideal statement tote ready to hold your daily necessities, plus a little more. Made with Pendleton wool, this unstructured tote can handle the busiest of days.

  • Fully lined
  • Interior pocket
  • Leather shoulder straps secured with solid brass rivets
  • L 19" X D 3" X H 12"

NOTE: Leather used for tote straps will be stiff for the first few months of use, however over time they soften and wear-in nicely. Enjoy the process, as your tote becomes a part of you. 

Wool Care

Spot clean with lukewarm water mixed with a touch of mild soap. Blotting is best, never rub as it can misshape fabric permanently. Allow to air dry away from direct sunlight/extreme heat.